which is better, lighter, which consumes less battery etc

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I know that there is an opinion that the android you do not have anti-virus but the costs are small and I also have paranoid :) :)
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I will personally recommend Bitdefender Mobile Security as it was the only mobile security I kept until the very end of the trial without uninstalling. It has a very non-intrusive browser protection, anti-theft, and malware protection. Avast is very good as well, but I did find it to be a bit heavier on the device, and a bit more intrusive, thus having more battery drain.

I have tried CM Security and 360 Security as well. CM Security is bundled with the Clean Master suite, which is an automatic no-no for me. 360 Security, although the #1 AV on the Play Store, has been known to have a somewhat shady reputation, whitelisting malware for companies that pay them off.

Bottom Line: Bitdefender Mobile Security

Edit: However, since the trial ran out, I have been using Bitdefender Antivirus Free as mentioned in the post below by @Huracan. It is more than enough. Even if the cost for the paid version is low, the device bulk and battery drain will increase for features I do not necessarily need.
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because I do not know which to decide :)
Here is where you have been misinformed, you do not necessarily need paid Antivirus. I know a lot of people still use the free security apps by trusted vendors, AVAST, Avira, AVG, Bitdefender, Zemana etc. and this is reflected from the total downloads, active users and reviews.

The more an app does, the higher potential it has on draining battery etc.

AFAIK Emsisoft Mobile Security is Bitdefender Mobile Security re-branded?

For that reason, I voted Other as I cannot suggest a paid Antivirus app.

My personal choice remains to be Bitdefender Antivirus Free for Android.
Bitdefender Antivirus Free - Android Apps on Google Play
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I'd voted *other primarily because I have not experienced the use of paid versions, and from gathering what's been shared above:rolleyes:, I have an entirely fresh view of the strong reasons as to why. In fact, until today, I'd had a thoroughly un-smart phone which was deactivated earlier. Having used the free versions mentioned for my wife's Galaxy with the exceptions of both Bitdefender & Emsisoft, we've currently settled on CM Security mainly for it's applock feature (thanks to @Umbra's recommendation). My wife doesn't like the extra steps to unlock certain apps. Now, as the newest member of the Smartphone Brethren, I shall consider the "no-no"(s) of the bundling inherent in CM/Cleanmaster as well as taking a more serious, & closer, look at Bitdefender Free!:)
@userone, if we consider the knowledgeable & informed reasoning imparted on this thread, we may all have success choosing free alternatives.
Thanks for your query!:D
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Since I have some experience on using mobile antivirus then you can go between ESET or Dr.Web from its comprehensive and less sacrifice on their resources.

Sometimes you may steer away from most rated products because of many issues and reputations out there.


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  • I would personally recommend Sophos as they are consistently scoring 100% in av-test for mobile devices and negligible impact on performance.


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I voted others. To be more specific, none because you don't need an AV if you are using it for whatsapp, sms, calls, taking photos and surfing the web. If a popup suddenly appear telling me that my phone is infected, I simply minimise the bowser and close that page. Problem solve. I have been using android since 2011 and so far nothing have happen to my phone.

I installed even 3rd party apps, no problem. Scan with Virustotal first of course. :D

Go save yourself some money and don't buy an AV for your android.

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Android phones need not any antivirus. Viruses and Malwares come from user installed programs. They can not spread automatically like Windows Viruses.