Which VPN extension do you use in 2017

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I'm sure there are similar older threads, but things change quickly for VPN services and extensions.

I have used ZenMate, DotVPN and GOM VPN extensions in the past. But it's been over a year, and they seem to have changed. DotVPN didn't require sign-up when I used it for example, now it does.

Which VPN extension (for Chrome) do you use/recommend in 2017


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None of those, I use Private Internet Access. However, it is paid :(
It has an extension for chrome but I mostly use the windows app.

My favourite free alternative in Chrome used to be ZenMate. I have some friends who use Hola free vpn but I've never tried it so I'm not sure it's any good. Well, it depends on what you want it for.


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I'm using Windscribe extension for chromium and FF. With this extension and the Windscribe desktop app I'm using its double-hop feature
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Zenmate for long time, I have tried the others but Zenmate works great removing regional block, and site block (from internal IT of my work)


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Hoxx is the best for me as simple, fast and free and 10 Uk servers which I need for many UK websites to login (Hoxx also 100 servers worldwide). Zenmate, Windscribe ,Tunnelo etc either no UK servers or very limited & some others not free.
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