Level 3
You can use the Free version, without real-time protection. If you decide it's beneficial to upgrade, you can purchase a single (upto 5) license(s) for 6, 12, 24, or 36 months.

You may be able to explain your situation at Contact Us.

But as already mentioned, the Beta is no longer available at this time.
Ahh thank you.

yeah I have Malwarebytes Lifetime (5 pcs) but that is no longer cutting it and it's becoming very heavy. I am trying to test out the Zemmana real time but it takes me more than 15 days to test it...since it's my wife that is the picky one.
Hence I was looking for more along the lines of a month or a few. I would be happy to provide beta feed back etc if it was aviable. I downloaded few months ago what I thought was a beta but apperantly it wasn't.

I have a lot of security suites so it would take me a while to persuade my wife to install and use one more (full time). Just for reference I have Emisisoft Internet Security (firewall and their antivirus....I used to have Online armor and Mamutu but alas that is no more). I normally used Online Armor and Mamutu I loved those two but now I have to use the whole suite.
I have webroot Internet Security
Eset 9 (just the antivirus)...I have been with eset since nod32 version 1 or the Pulsating Red Zit version. (those who used it know what I am talking about).
Hitman Pro Alert and Hitman Pro (kind of a combo that goes together).

So yeah it would take some convincing to get Zemmana going real time...Personally I love it and I would love to use it...but the boss of the family needs to be convinced.


Level 3