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Why are there so many people that say Qihoo 360 is a Chinese backdoor? And why is it free, how would they make any money ?
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Please read this :
They are not only a Qihoo Total Security :)
Qihoo 360 started with selling third-party antivirus software online. Soon it realized the potential of the freemium business model in the Chinese market and started to provide its own antivirus products free of charge. In short time, Qihoo 360's security products gained popularity and market share in China. The revenues are generated by leveraging its massive user base through online advertising and services like online games, remote technical support, and system integration.
Qihoo 360's main revenue sources include advertising space on 360 Startup Page, as well as revenue sharing with independent games developers which have published their games on the 360 Mobile Assistant. The revenue breakdown in 2012 was split between the revenue streams as follows: 67% from advertising, 31% from internet value added services and less than 1% from selling third party software. The revenues increased by 96.0% from $167.9 million in 2011 to $329.0 million in 2012. As of January 2014, the market cap is $11.42B


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At this point in my internaut life, I believe that everything we use spy us anyway, Google, Microsoft ... nothing makes us have privacy.
I use Qihoo and I trust them as google or another.
if we use the internet or smartphone undeniably we lost about 90% of privacy. is the law of life ...

I remember also having read on the Internet that even avast was created based on a backdoor what I think it is all lies