Q&A Why did Avast add Passive Mode? And is it needed?

Discussion in 'Avast' started by Spawn, Sep 28, 2016.

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    Self-explanatory title; Why was Passive Mode added to Avast? Was it highly requested or internally implement to improve compatibility with Windows Defender on Windows 10?

    What are your thoughts and opinions on Passive Mode for Avast?

  2. XIII

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    Sep 20, 2016
    I believe Passive Mode is simply a bypass for the whole "Uninstall other AV products" page that you get when you try to install a new protection suite over an existing one. For example, if you have EIS installed, and you try to install Avast, it used to inform you that EIS must be removed first. Passive Mode will bypass that and install Avast anyway with Passive Mode auto-enabled.

    Not a whole lot of user posts about Passive Mode so far, but this seems to be the gist of it.
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  3. shmu26

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    It's a good gimmick to get their product on your computer. They make it sound like it's all gain and no loss, because you don't have to sacrifice your current AV that you love so much.
    I am basically saying the same thing as @XIII, just in different words.
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  4. yigido

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    This will just make your Avast an another "on-deman scanner" not much. Other features are not related with real-time protection so you can continue to use them with your current other realtime protection.
    This is what I know.
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    It's not a very practical feature considering avast's real-time modules are the reason they chose Avast Antivirus, not because of it's SafeZone Browser or Manual Sandbox - when it wants to work.
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    Maybe they will put avg modules into Avast and being able to disable 1 of the real time protection modules with 1 click will be needed in that case.
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    @shmu26 said it best. It's a gimmick. There are two scenarios. Avast installation pre-Passive Mode gave users two options when installing their product over an existing security suite; "Uninstall" other security suites, or "Cancel". While many will click "Uninstall" and go through the installation normally, lazy users will say "screw it" and click "Cancel". This new "feature" eliminates that "Cancel" option entirely and gets Avast installed on more devices, regardless of your security situation. "You want Avast but you have an existing security suite? We don't care. We'll install Avast anyway."
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    Avast passive mode allows user to use two Av in a system. we still use Avast and it's featured as the on-demand scanner with another Av. Anybody tried this features "Passive mode"
    I think with passive mode avast disable its real-time protection and some modules
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