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More than 2 years ago
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Google Chrome
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Google Android
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Windows 10
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Hi there, im from Malaysia and new to this forum, im am a seller for ESET Products in Malaysia.

What Brought me here is, im crazy about viruses malware spyware etc. And as im using ESET, for as far as im concerned my PC are protected nicely. And as usually viruses that detected by ESET are mainly VBS (As my Computer Shop are situated inside a University) that spread through thumbdrive.

Im starting to have high interest in finding viruses that ESET cannot detect when before this, i accidently find a new Viruses (As im didnt have any IT background so i didnt knew how to classify a virus) that not even a single Antivirus could detect.

So i Extracted it and sent it to ESET and it takes them about two hours to release new definition and become the 1st antivirus that detect and clean the virus.

So after that, i wondered how many viruses are there that might ESET didnot detect. and it brought me to this forum.

And the virus i found classify as Win32/Spy.AHK.E Trojan

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