Level 2
Due to their wealth of data and limited budget for cybersecurity staff and training, schools have drawn the eye of hackers. Experts recommend backing up data and investing in cybersecurity training and preparedness.



Level 23
In my school, Their administrator implemented virtualization(similar to Deep Freeze) and SRP. Not sure what kind of security they have implemented on their router
None of this is even necessary if they simply made sure all the computers are up-to-date. School computers run on Windows 7 or Windows 8. It makes ZERO SENSE to cheap out in the most important area. Even one successful attack is going to cancel out the savings of not moving to Windows 10. Windows Defender has become an excellent AV, good enough to fend off most malware. The solution is actually very simple: We need leaders in schools who actually understand computers! It is almost 2020, there is no reason for anyone not to understand why investing in up-to-date OS is not just smart, but absolutely essential.