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Nice video. Good times... :)
I'm still using my 15 year old windows XP machine from time to time though. Not for daily work at all, but because it still works and I have some files stored on it. I don't care about the fact that it is not supported anymore or that it might be insecure if I do nothing more on it than playing some music or view some pdf files.


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I ditched Windows XP on my old PC only for the reason Chromium browsers stopped being supported on it for some time and some site certificate errors. Reason for using it could be that hardware components that were made in those days still work flawlessly and any OS heavier than XP makes the machine crying to go back to XP.
I believe that Windows XP with POS Ready updates still can be protected in a decent level with some third party tools, but again in this modern times, with modern browsers, protocols, protection mechanisms and, of course, sophisticated malware, it is much more exploitable, and if kernel-level vulnerability is exploited, no third party tool can protect you.


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I wouldn't. I loved it though. Nevertheless, and despite it worked in a delightful way, it was meant for low-spec PC, meaning lack of features. Yes, less bloated, but less functional. Only for basic needs. I still prefer Windows 10 over it. And that video, beautiful skin!

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I have one Asus Eee PC at home; it's small laptop with only 1 GB of RAM and Intel Atom processor. Windows XP works the best on it but I had to switch to Windows 7 because of the program support. If there were browsers which are regularly updated and still support the XP, I would install it again. Windows 7 works, I guess, alright but I cannot have more than 3 programs opened at the same time or more than 5 browser tabs. The other Asus laptop I have, runs Windows 7 too. I tried to install Windows 10 on it, but it felt sluggish because it has only 2 GB of RAM.

Those PCs are not used regularly, I have a newer desktop PC and HP laptop; they both run Windows 10 because they have quad core CPUs and 8 GB of RAM, more than enough to run the OS smooth.
Currently, I'm using the second laptop (Asus with 2 GB RAM) because I'm on vacation and it's more than enough to fit my needs. :)

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I have the installation CD of the Home Version I used years ago :)
Undoubtedly XP was very light and fast and without frills.
If I think that today tons of GBs, and CPU cycles are often necessary to move bloatware, then I have some regret, thinking of the old XP.
Obviously, all the modern OSs are more secure, but this is a different speech.


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Undoubtedly XP was very light and fast and without frills.
This is why I liked XP as well. It wasn't flashy and over the top like 10. 7 wasn't very far off from XP, and that is soon coming to an end too. I wish an XP Remastered OS was viable, but custom OS are usually riddled with security holes.


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I still have 3 unopened XP Pro DVD that the company I worked for gave me before I retired. I was going to put one on an old HP laptop I have but found the DVD drive was not working and would not read the disk. I took a USB stick and installed Ubuntu on it for now. Don't want to buy another DVD drive for it. Oh yes the company still installs XP Pro on some of the customers POS equipment lol


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Title says it's all: What are some reasons to continue using the 17 years old OS in 2018?

Honestly? Only a fool would be using XP right now. Security through obsolescence doesn't even apply to it as it isn't old enough for that.

Heck, I am starting to give a suspicious eye to anyone still pushing forward with Windows 7, mostly because we're only 15 months away from end of life for it, and Windows 10 is incredibly superior in every way. But I am sure for years going forward we'll see people post about Windows 7 and what's the best AV for it..
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