Ending Soon Win $331 and Windows Backup & iPhone Backup Gifts Giveaway (The Original Price Was $60)

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Mar 15, 2021
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Apr 2, 2021
1.Unzip the package you downloaded
2.Install the software by running AOMEIBackupperSetup.exe / MBackupperSetup.exe
3.Then register the software using the license code in readme doc.

This license code is valid from March 15 to April 2. Register as soon as possible within this time to enjoy AOMEI Backupper Professional and AOMEI MBackupper Professional for ONE YEAR for FREE.

Maggie Marilyn

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Dec 10, 2019
March 31st is the annual World Backup Day. In response to the call of World Backup Day: Don't be an April Fool, Back up Your Data Now. AOMEI adheres to the mission of "Always Keep Global Data Safer" and holds a comprehensive backup solution giveaway for us.

Quickly to get free backup gifts to ensure Windows, iPhone, and cloud data security:
AOMEI Backupper Pro (worth $29.95)
AOMEI MBackupper Pro (worth $29.95)
AOMEI CBackupper
Now all products are totally free!

Giveaway entrance: #BackupwithAOMEI | World Backup Day Giveaway

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