Winamp prepares a relaunch, new beta version almost ready


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Aug 2, 2020
Winamp is getting closer to release with a redesigned website, logo, and a new beta signup allowing users to soon test the upcoming version of the media player.

Before we streamed our music, users would rip their albums or download MP3s to listen on their computer using media players.

One of the most popular media players to play MP3s was Winamp, with its retro skins and animated visualizers that moved along with the music you were playing. However, Winamp had not seen any further development after its version 5.5 release in 2007.

In October 2018, after Winamp 5.8 was leaked online, the developers decided to publish the leaked version on their website to allow everyone to use it in all its nostalgic glory. Unfortunately, while Radionomy, the owners of Winamp, said they had big plans for Winamp, no further versions have been released since then.

The only new Winamp development we have seen has been by the Winamp Community Update Project (WACUP ) who released Preview version with bug fixes and improvements.

Winamp beta test starting soon​

As first reported by Vosveteit, the lack of official development is about to change as the site received a redesign and a new logo was revealed for the media player this week.

Additionally, you can now visit and sign up for a Winamp beta test, which should become available soon.


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Aug 17, 2014

Sign up for the Winamp beta

There is no new version available just yet, but you may opt in to the Winamp beta program to test it when it is released. Did you notice the new Winamp logo in the top corner?

Winamp beta version



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Aug 17, 2014
Winamp 5.9 RC1 Released
Winamp 5.9 RC1 Build 9999

* Improved: Windows 11 compatibility
* Improved: Playback of https:// streams
* Improved: Updated and tidier generate html playlist code
* Improved: [in_mkv] vp8 support
* Improved: [in_mod] Playback of .itz, .mdz, .s3z & .xmz compressed modules
* Improved: [ml_wire] New working Podcast Directory
* Improved: [out_ds] Display device information correctly in Unicode format
* Fixed: [in_midi/in_mkv/nu/pfc] memory leaks
* Fixed: [in_mp3] id3 empty genre displayed as Blues or Psychobilly
* Fixed: [jnetlib/ml_online/ml_wire] JSAPI2 JavaScript API
* Misc: lame_enc & libsndfile now static links instead of dynamic dll
* Misc: libmpg123, libflac & zlib now static links instead of dynamic dll
* Misc: libalac.dll added to Shared folder as part of alac update
* Misc: Major compiler refactoring work
* Misc: Many more general tweaks, improvements, fixes and optimizations
* Misc: Minimum required OS is now Windows 7 SP1
* Misc: New online Help section and articles
* Misc: SDK now compatible with VS2017 and newer
* Misc: Versioning syntax changed to v5.x.x
* Misc: Winamp\Microsoft.VC142.CRT runtimes now installed on Win7/8
* Removed: Bento Browser tab - So long, and thanks for all the fish!
* Updated: [alac/in_mp4] ALAC 2017-11-03-c38887c5
* Updated: [enc_lame] LAME 3.100.1
* Updated: [freetype.wac] freetype 2.12.1
* Updated: [gif] giflib 5.1.4
* Updated: [in_cdda] libdiscid 0.6.2
* Updated: [in_flac/enc_flac] libFLAC 1.3.4
* Updated: [in_mod] libopenmpt 0.7.0 & Portaudio 19.7.0
* Updated: [in_mp3] libmpg123 1.29.3
* Updated: [in_vorbis] libogg 1.3.5 & libvorbis 1.3.7
* Updated: [in_wave] libsndfile 1.1.0
* Updated: [OpenSSL] OpenSSL 3.0.3
* Updated: [png] libpng 1.6.37
* Updated: [vp8] WebM libvpx 1.11.0
* Updated: [zlib] zlib 1.2.12

Direct Download



This is the culmination of 4 years' work since the 5.8 release.
Two dev teams, and a pandemic-induced hiatus period inbetween.

To the end-user, it might not seem like there's a whole heap of changes,
but the largest and hardest part was actually migrating the entire project from VS2008 to VS2019
and getting it all to build successfully.

The groundwork has now been laid, and now we can concentrate more on features.
Whether fixing/replacing old ones or adding new.

The build # will stay as 9999 for this release, e.g. if/when there's an rc2 or final release
(builds can be identified by filename + timestamp).
We'll reset it for 5.9.1

Although extensive internal testing has already been carried out,
this is still marked as a Release Candidate build.

All features need testing.
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Captain Holly

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Jan 23, 2021
I have used that leaked version of Winamp before, also tried it again last year, it was ok but I prefer Media Monkey. I hope the new Winamp offers equalizer presets and they make the eq larger on the GUI. If Winamp could make the basic playback commands easier to use that would be a big plus for me and I might use Winamp again. I will check out the Beta when it is released. I listen to the web player Pandora a lot too, but local files really do sound much better to me.

No actual llamas were harmed in the production of this post.



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Jul 2, 2014
Musicbee has already been the gold standard of what a music manager should be, even though it's free. I used Winamp and Mediamonkey in the past, but Musicbee hits all the right spots for someone like me.

By the way people listen to music on their phones more than their laptops these days. So it's a shame I don't use music managers anymore on PC's/laptops as much as I used to.


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Aug 17, 2014

Upcoming changes to Winamp

Winamp's developers have also published a list of upcoming changes that they plan to add to the software. This includes native support for more audio formats (opus, ogv/ogm, TS, H.265, HLS, VP9, etc.). MusicBrainz or MusicStory will replace Gracenote features such as Autotag, CDDB. There are plans to add more default services including Lyrics, and Jamendo.

Warning: Winamp's forums do not have an HTTPS website.

Download Winamp 5.9 RC1 Build 9999 from the Winamp website. The installer for the new version has been flagged by a few antivirus services on VirusTotal, the developers have indicated these are false positives. You can download Winamp 5.666 Build 3516 from the official website. Malwarebytes seems to detect the installer of the old Winamp 5.666 as malicious too.

The music player is quite usable for the most part. This is more of a maintenance release than a feature update. So far, it doesn't contain any of the bloatware that were expected to be bundled into the program, or any NFT stuff that was shared by the company's Twitter account earlier this year. A comment from the lead developer suggests that optional online services could be added to Winamp in the future, but for now they have no details to share about it.