Winamp2-js is a web-based version of audio player Winamp

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Jan 8, 2017
Winamp2-js is a web-based version of audio player Winamp which you can access directly or host locally or on your own web space to play audio files using it.

Winamp is still a popular audio player even though its development stopped a long time ago. While Winamp fans hope for a revival of the player, the player has changed companies more frequently than it has been released in an updated version.

AOL sold Winamp to Radionomy back in 2014, and Vivendi became a major Radionomy stakeholder at the end of 2015. The "more info soon" page has not changed in that time and while there has been a rumor of a Winamp Beta version in 2016, nothing has been released since then.


Winamp2-js is a web-based reimplementation of Winamp 2.9 using HTML and JavaScript. You can open a demo page here to check out the interface and player.

The core functionality is included but it is pretty much a work in progress. You can drag and drop music files to the playlist area and play these audio files using the interface. The add buttons work as well in the interface so that you may use these instead to load files into the playlist.

It may not be obvious right away, but you can drag the player interface around on the screen, and even double it in size with the shortcut Ctrl-D. This separates the playback controls from the equalizer and the playlist so that you may move each around individually.

The web-based version supports other features. The equalizer, volume and balance, and bar/line mode visualization modules work already, and you can even load skins to change the design of the player.

Other features of Winamp don't work yet, however. You cannot use the player to play URLs (so no Internet radio), or load playlists.

One interesting option that you have is to save the web page to load it locally instead, or upload it to a web server for to access it from there instead.

You find the source on gitHub.

Closing Words
Winamp2-js is not the first implementation of Winamp on the Web but it is one that gets a lot of things right. It looks like an exact copy of the classic audio player and may appeal to users because of that.

As far as use is concerned, the only use case I can think of is to use it in environments that are locked down so that you may not use software audio players at all. It still requires that you have access to local audio files though. (via Deskmodder).

Source: Winamp2-js is a web-based version of audio player Winamp - gHacks Tech News
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