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Microsoft has said that they do not plan on releasing any new builds of Windows 10 for the remainder of the year but that doesn't mean that they have stopped providing partners new builds of the OS.

The latest build to make its way out of the confines of the Redmond based company is 9888 and there are a few new features in this release. These features include updated animations, the start of the unification of the context menus, and the zPC settings app is now the default settings application.

The video of the leak is posted above where you can see some of these new features in action. Seeing that Microsoft will not be releasing this build to the public or any build likely before the consumer preview which is expected at the end of January, this is the best look we have post 9879.

This build comes from the partner channel which is why we are not seeing more of the 'consumery' features as Microsoft typically keeps those locked down for internal use only until the features are announced.

Source: WinBeta


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Thank you for unifying the context menus! That was demanded by me too. MS is really listening!
Now unify the icons also.
Renaming the PC settings app won't be enough, Change its UI also. Give it a UI which is both desktop and touch friendly and which also looks sensible.
And, when will that transparency arrive?.......waiting eagerly.........
(BTW, window animations looking GR8!)


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As you most likely know by now if you're a Windows Insider Program member, Microsoft promised not to update the Windows 10 Technical Preview until early 2015, but it turns out that more improvements are coming via less official channels.

Today, Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9888 reached the web, so all those who want to see what's new in this particular build can give it a shot if they know where to look.

Obviously, we won't provide any download links since this isn't an official release, but it shouldn't be too difficult to find the ISO with a few searches on file sharing websites.

Keep in mind that this release does not come from Microsoft itself, but from an OEM, so in case you experience any issues with it, contacting the company for support won't be the best idea.
What's new in Windows 10 build 9888
Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9888 comes with several important improvements, including new animations for opening and closing windows. This particular tweak has been requested by many users out there, so it also serves as living proof that Microsoft is indeed listening to their feedback.

At the same time, the PC settings screen is improved in Windows 10 build 9888 and now comes with a search box that allows users to quickly look for specific options.

Last but not least, it also brings unified context menus on the desktop, but this particular feature is not yet completed, so you might also see the old menus across the operating system as well.

Obviously, some other subtle changes could also be available, but we'll find more when Microsoft officially introduces this particular build for users.
Next build coming in January
Microsoft said a few weeks ago that the next Windows 10 build would come in early 2015, and sources close to the matter now reveal that the company is planning a dedicated event in late January not only to introduce this new build, but also to present the official Consumer Preview version.

Together with it, the company could also take the wraps off some other products, including Windows Phone 10, a smartphone platform that's also likely to bring several important changes to all those running Windows Phone 8 on their devices.

More details on this event should be disclosed later this month, when Microsoft is expected to provide us with an official announcement, as well as details on the products to be presented during the conference.


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isn't setting options like linux? haven't used a lot but seem to be familiar.
Love it :*


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Windows 10 build 9888 change log: What’s new
Yesterday Microsoft Windows 10 build 9888 leaked to the internet. I installed it and would like to show you what has changed in this build. I wouldn't say anything significant has changed or has been added, but some interesting things exist in Windows 10 build 9888. Let's delve deeper.

Desktop aka pain in the rear
If you activate the Continuum UI in Windows 10 as described HERE, and enable the Start screen instead of the Start menu from Taskbar Properties, you will see that Desktop is named "Desktop (aka pain in the rear)".

Is this some indication of what Microsoft thinks of the Desktop? Maybe because so far it seems that Microsoft is putting efforts into the Desktop just to please people who were pissed off by Windows 8. Maybe Microsoft's loyalties lie with Metro only as more of Metro UI lands on the Desktop. The so called Desktop renaissance is only lip service. Anyways, this image was offensive to me and it looks like a cruel, weird joke.

No password request on the logon screen when you haven't set a password
In the previous build 9879 of Windows 10, the OS always asked you for a password when you signed out from your Desktop session and wanted to log in again. Even if you had set no password, the password request screen appeared.
In build 9888, this has been fixed reassuring me that at least some bugs are being fixed if not all.

New animations
Once again, Microsoft has changed window animations for the n-th time to make them look more polished.

32-bit apps are indicated as 'WoW' in the Task Manager
x86 apps running on x64 (64-bit) Windows were indicated previously in the Task Manager by the text "(32-bit)" appended after their name, as the image shows:

This has been replaced by the text "WoW". The abbreviated name comes from Windows on Windows architecture:

Flat context menus for the taskbar
The taskbar context menu got a new look, now it is more white and flatter although menus still retain shadows:

zPC settings is now the default Settings app and has search
The PC Settings app and zPC Settings app from build 9879 have both been merged into a single app called "Settings". There is also a search box in Settings.

Offline Maps
Now the Maps app can work without the Internet. Maps will be available offline.

Updated Battery Saver
The battery saver app is slightly modified compared the previous one in build 9879, however, it is still incomplete.

Kernel version is bumped to v10
Many people expected to see the kernel version as 6.4. But in Windows 10 build 9888, Microsoft jumped to version 10 of the kernel directly.

Additionally, you can enable the Eva voice to try it out.


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Now that's the real Windows 10, if they do this on 8/8.1 then nothing will happen worst to their product. ;)