Update Windows 10 Cumulative Update Preview KB4601382 Released


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Aug 17, 2014
Microsoft has released the optional KB4601382 Preview cumulative update for Windows 10 2004 and Windows 10 20H2.

This cumulative update is the February 2021 monthly "C" update that allows users and admins to preview the upcoming fixes scheduled for release in the upcoming March 2021 Patch Tuesday.

This preview update only contains bug fixes, performance improvements, and new features and does not include any security updates. [...]
After installing this update, Windows 10 2004 will be updated to build 19041.844, and Windows 10 20H2 will be updated to build 19042.844.

The Windows 10 KB4601382 cumulative update preview includes 41 improvements or fixes. Below are the highlighted fixes and improvements with this update:
  • Updates an issue that displays unexpected screens during the Windows Out of Box Experience (OOBE).
  • Updates an issue in Advanced display settings that shows the incorrect refresh rates available for high dynamic range (HDR) displays.
  • Updates an issue that might cause video playback to flicker when rendering on certain low-latency capable monitors.
  • Updates an issue that sometimes prevents the input of strings into the Input Method Editor (IME).
  • Updates an issue that might sometimes prevent some keyboard keys from working, such as the home, Ctrl, or left arrow keys. This issue occurs when you set the Japanese IME input mode to Kana.
  • Updates an issue that displays the wrong language when you sign in to a console after you change the system locale.
  • Updates an issue with screen rendering after opening games with certain hardware configurations.
  • Displays the proper Envelope media type as a selectable output paper type for Universal Print queues.
  • Updates support for hole punch and stapling locations for print jobs with long edge first paper feed direction on certain printers.


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Jan 26, 2020
installed it with no issues.
Eric says Wednesday Random Stuff... - TweakHound
Dear Eric, do you install these “preview” updates on your main PC? Is that okay? Or is it better to wait for the official release of these preview updates?
Should the user read the “Known issues” area in the KB support article regarding the preview updates? Thanks.

I’m worried enough when I install final builds. Despite the popular view that preview builds and Windows Insider builds are “beta” versions I believe they are “alpha” grade releases. I base this on the fact that so many Windows 10 final releases are still buggy and cause issues. Unless you are looking to fix a problem listed as fixed in the release notes there is no reason to attempt these builds. Certainly the “known issues” is a factor but it’s the unknown you should worry about.
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Jul 27, 2015
For those that use O&Os shutup10, it's recommended to check for any changes. I had a telemetry that got reverted. That also made me curious on Appbuster and sure enough. Cortana had sneaky been installed again.


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Jan 26, 2020
Me too had telemetry that got reverted. But I have no problem with Cornata, since I fully disabled it.