Level 3
Okay, heres the problem...
My brother bought a new gamer MSI notebook with Windows 10, he couldnt connect to our home wifi and tell me to repair it. I try by my own and nothing (i have 0 experience with Windows 10), google for a fix and make it worse cause wifi disappear. Theres a youtube video that show exactly my problem, the name is " No detecta o aparece para WIFI Windows 10 " (its in spanish but it show how it looks the pc now after i try to repair it)

I dont have the WIFI option, and at network connections i cant make wifi2 work, its disable with a red cross...

Before i get the notebook: There was a wifi option at the bottom of the screen (next to plane mode) and it detect wifi connections but without internet, and at network connections there was only an ethernet disable connection and not the wifi.

After i try to fix it by google: Theres no wifi option but at Network connections now theres 2 options: ethernet and wifi2 (both with red crosses)