Windows 11 now makes up 16.1% of modern Windows computers


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Nov 10, 2017
AdDuplex has updated its Windows market share tracker and it now believes that Windows 11 is installed on 16.1% of computers that run either Windows 10 or 11. AdDuplex has not released a new report since the end of November when Windows 11 was sitting at 8.6%. Today’s figures incorporate the installs we’ve had over December and January as well as all the new computers that were bought in over the holidays with Windows 11 pre-installed.
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Dec 7, 2021
Windows 11 is in my opinion the most likeable OS Microsoft has made by a good margin - I was most impressed since I installed the preview last June despite some minor problems - I've used as I remember every OS MS has produced since Windows 3.0 (8 wasn't on long from beta) - Though it must be said I also like Windows ME, which maybe puts me in the minority - I'm now running perhaps the best hardware that was available for each OS, but I much prefer 11 to 10 :)