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When I start my pc its all good untill the end where I get a black screen with only my cursour for 5 minutes then it loads up windows, can anyone help me with this? I didnt have this problem before it started recently.


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Maybe your system is infected (Malware Removal Assistance)
Maybe your hard disk is damaged (use crystal disk info to chek it)
Maybe you have too much software (mmm soluto or "Autoruns" can help you)
Not so sure if its malware since malwarebytes says im clean and i havent got many applications on autorun only 4 that are needed and im checking the hard disk now.


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Should i remove
Microsoft Windows Live ID
Dont know if i can re run it after since it takes 195.2sec on start up


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  1. When did this issue started? Which are the programs that you have installed right before noticing this issue?
    It could be a service or application lagging at start up. You could go to msconfig and try disabling some of the services that are starting up to see if that solves the problem. You can also look at the programs that are starting up when windows loads and disable anything you don't want to start up right away ( Start > Search box > type msconfig > Startup tab > click Disable All button > Click OK. ).

  2. Did you try to use the System Restore, to restore you system to a previous state before the issue started?

  3. Did you try to create another user account to see if the issue persists?

jim lin

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jack has good info but to add to that

you could try running CHKDSK with the /r /f options from a command prompt then run a defrag program

How to Run Disk Check in Windows 7

CHKDSK can take sometime to run DO NOT STOP IT (things can happen if you do) it could take hours

also Malwarebytes IS NOT A AntiVirus Program and should be used with a AV program so have you scanned
with something else like AV software?




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Most probably windows services or some startup application is causing delay in startup.

i used to disable these windows 7 services to stop the delays in start.
Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN v2
Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN v3
Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN v4


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Im worried about the screen turning black and having a cursour only, it started 1 week ago. I have not used system restore nor have i created another user account. I am going to do a scan with my anti virus to check, i will also run the disk check and CHKDSK. Thx for the help guys I will tell you the results of what happens.
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Have you made any software or hardware changes to your PC, prior to the issue? Does the black screen appear before or after Login screen?

jim lin

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sometimes getting updates from Microsoft Update can fragment the MFT and running chkdsk can
fix that and also find free space marked as allocated in the volume Bitmap that can slow a
computer down and is why running a chkdsk /r /f and then defrag could help

have you tryed msconfig and make sure normal startup is checked and not selective startup


Windows Vista and Windows 7

1. Click the Start orb in the Start Search
2. Type msconfig and press enter
3. If the User Account Control (UAC) prompts you for permission click the Continue button.

you also can use msconfig to troubleshoot slow startup problems by using selective startup
and removing the check next to "load startup items" and see if that helps and if it helps
you can use the startup tab and put a check mark in your startup items one by one to see
if which one slows down your startup




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