Operating System
Windows 7
Infection date and initial symptoms
rundll32.exe using unreasonable amount of CPU only after launching specific games.
Current issues and symptoms
rundll32.exe still using 60% of CPU, as well as certain games not opening at all.
Steps taken in order to remove the infection
I have run malware bytes scan, removed the viruses it says it found, run a mcafee scan, and an SFC scan
System logs
Yes, I've uploaded both FRST.txt and Addition.txt logs
Yes and I've also uploaded logs from other scans that I've performed


New Member
Hello, recently, I've noticed that upon opening specific games (downloaded from Steam) on my computer, the rundll32.exe program begins to use around 60% of my CPU, as well as other programs like chrome and NVidia Share shooting from less than 1% to around 20%. At the same time, many games from Steam simply don't open at all, and many work perfectly fine. With malwarebytes open, the CPU usage caps at around 60%, but the moment it's closed, it shoots back up to 100%. Any idea on how this could be solved?