Windows Defender & HitmanPro Alert or Kaspersky Free?

  • Windows Defender & HitmanPro Alert

  • Kaspersky Free

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Windows Defender & HitmanPro Alert or Kaspersky Free?
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which do you should I use?

Windows Defender & HitmanPro Alert or Kaspersky Free?
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If your pc permits then use KFA+NVT Osarmor+Voodooshield free combo. It would be rock solid defense. KFA alone won't be enough. I mean kaspersky will provide greater protection against malwares,trojans etc. but it loses its lustre when it comes to PUP,PUM,PUA etc.

Anyway,it's your call to take.


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Why not Kaspersky Free + HitmanPro Alert ? Windows Defender is not only weaker than Kaspersky but also heavier on the system. KFA also offers one of the strongest web protection out there.
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ok, create a folder, fill it with 2-3 dozens of installers and files (as if you downloaded lot of softs and files, bigger they are, better it is) ; shutdown your computer.
Now boot , open the said folder, tell me what happen?
I just tried.
The copy from HDD to SDD was slower than I expected. Boot time was almost the same.
Opened the folder and I saw the "Antimalware Service Executable" works. It consumed max 25-30% of my CPU. Nothing major but I understand now.


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