Windows Firewall Control

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Jun 21, 2013
Operating System
Windows 10
Installed Antivirus
What's new in version (25.05.2016)

- Improved: The system tray application (wfc.exe) is now able to force the service
(wfcs.exe) to reinitialize itself if the service encountered a problem during the
start-up and was not initialized correctly. This will reduce the cases when the WFC
tray icon displays the black icon stating that it cannot connect to the service.
- Improved: Added smooth transition of the progress bar in the installation dialog.
- Fixed: The status of the system tray icon is not updated if the service is manually
stopped or restarted.
- Fixed: Opened Connections Log is not automatically closed when the program is locked
with a password.
- Fixed: Invalid coordinates saved in Windows Registry can lead to inability to reopen
some dialogs. Observed for the "Customize and create" dialog from Connections Log.



Level 37
Dec 4, 2013
Operating System
Windows 10
Installed Antivirus
Thank you, King Mellow.:) I have wanted to try Binisoft's WFC ever since reading fellow member hjlbx's mention of it. Now, I'm that much closer.
this program is writhed in C# right
@Mr.NoName, I found the following under "Memory usage.." at the bottom of FAQs from the link provided by OP:
"Our products use the .NET framework. NET applications tend to have a larger memory footprint than native unmanaged applications. This is because the framework loads any required assemblies in memory. The memory usage reported by Task Manager is not very accurate because from these loaded .NET assemblies, some of them might be shared between multiple applications, but in Windows they appear and are counted for each application separately."