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Windows XP Unofficial Service Pack 4 Gets Significant Updates

Windows XP no longer receives support since April 2014, but users who are yet to upgrade have already found several ways to keep their computers patched.

And one such way is the so-called Windows XP Unofficial Service Pack 4, which has recently received a new update with improvements and fresh updates.

It’s worth mentioning from the very beginning that this service pack wasn’t created by Microsoft, and if you’re still on Windows XP, you have all the reasons in the world to consider upgrading to a newer version of the operating system.

What’s new in version 3.0
Windows XP SP4 Unofficial version 3.0 and 3.1a, which both debuted this week, come with all the POSReady updates released by Microsoft until January 2016 (since Windows XP no longer receives support, updates for the POSReady version can also be installed on this version and address some of the security holes that might exist in the operating system).

At the same time, the version update also brings fixes for a number of issues reported by users in the previous releases, as well as patches for the false positive malware warnings that some users have been getting in version 2.

Additionally, if you install this new version of the service pack, you also get live installation, proper integration of the latest time zone update, as well as fixes for DxDiag registry errors.

Keep in mind, however, that even if you install this service pack, your computer won’t be fully protected anymore because some of the vulnerabilities found in Windows XP won’t be patched. On the other hand, with the criticism going on these days against Windows 10, and with Windows XP running so well on old hardware, it’s not that hard to see why so many people want to use the latter.

In the end, you can always give it a try and decide if it’s time for an upgrade or not, so go download Windows XP SP4 Unofficial and see if it’s good enough to make you stick with Windows XP.


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Windows XP is dead and it is better this way, only some niche users should still use it, the rest are much better using something like Linux Mint Xfce Edition or Windows 10 if the hardware can run it.


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XP is a decent system, which is why there is so many still using it. I would say at this point it should be a compatibility OS, and switch to a light weight linux alternative.


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No wonder harkaz is busy these days. If someone needs WinSxS cleanup tool for Windows 7, Rebase is the software developed by harkaz and i've posted in OS section. I've made it into a sticky topic not to lose track of it. Original Post


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I understand the sentiments for loving the XP much however we should consider the fact where go to alternatives as good cause. Why not try ReactOS which until now the development is on-going and its looks/performance goes to Windows XP.


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I still use XP. Not to say I would not upgrade if at all possible, but I have been using this OS since I was dragged kicking and screaming into the computer age. :) Therefore I am used to it and will likely stay with it until my pc breaks, requiring the purchase of a new pc.

As for the sp4, I have looked at several and have not used them as they all have some items that I do not want on my system, if I had another drive I would image, but since I do not I use windows updater to install a good 70% of my updates and go to microsoft updates for the rest, does take quite a few hours, but, I am not doing anything else. :)