Update Windscribe 1.80 — Changelog

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    Official Website:
    Release Notes:
    Build version:
    Beta releases may be unstable and contain unreported bugs
    Windscribe now unlocks US Netflix. Connect to the "Windflix" location in our browser extensions (Pro only). Coming soon to desktop apps.

    Currently, this version is only available to beta testers. If you want it, go into Preferences -> Debug and tick the “beta channel” checkbox. Wide release will follow next week.
    New features

    LAN proxy gateway — Proxy Gateway - Windscribe
    Secure Hotspot (Experimental) — Secure Hotspot - Windscribe
    Variable location drawer height
    Auto login after signup
    Ability to choose NDIS5 TAP driver
    Upgrade to OpenVPN 2.4.x with 2.3.x fallback
    Service notifications
    Show Pro data-centers to free users
    Location latency tool-tips added to signal bars

    Fixed bugs

    Always on firewall not working on OS boot on some machines
    Application crashes after connection attempts are exceeded with “minimize to tray” option checked
    Application freeze with firewall ON requires reboot
    API calls not made if app starts with no Internet connectivity
    Custom installation now allows for non-standard install path
    Auto-enable disabled TAP adapter
    100% CPU when app starts with no Internet connectivity
    Don’t try UDP protocol if system proxy is configured
    Constant application window size on variable DPI screens
    Login form DPI bug
    On multi-screen computers, tool-tips show on primary monitor

    Other Changes

    Leave firewall ON if ran out of free bandwidth to prevent IP leak
    Increase reconnect timeout from 5 min to 1 hour
    Server list source changed
    Moved server location update process to separate thread
    Only do ping tests while disconnected
    Update available UI change
    Output installed anti-virus software into debug log for troubleshooting
    Open survey on application uninstall
    Installer command line arg support
    Black and white top bar icon on MacOS
    Ping nodes in batches instead of all at the same time
    Allow for verbose OpenVPN logging via Advanced Parameters screen
    When beta channel is selected, check for updates right away

    To-do list for next version:

    IKEv2 protocol support
    Emergency Connect
    Firewall whitelisting overhaul
    Command line interface
    Wakeup from hibernation fix
    Add disconnecting state
    Async DNS resolver
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    Awesome! Swedish Netflix likes to lock the account for "suspicious activity" when using an american IP though
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    OK, Windscribe v1.80 is released now

    I uninstalled the previous version forcefully and during the installation of the latest version Windscribe says there's no TAP adapter installed asking me to continue or abort. I proceeded to complete the installation.

    When I clicked on to connect Windscribe prompted me to install the TAP adapter as there's none installed. I clicked 'Yes' and saw that it was successfully installed. I repeat to connect and again Windscribe prompted me to install the TAP adapter. The cycle repeats.

    I installed the latest version on another tablet and its the same problem. There's no TAP adapter. Windscribe cannot connect

    Any help?

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    Jun 10, 2017
    Windows 10
    For help I would submit a ticket here: Submit Ticket - Windscribe

    I installed Windscribe v1.80 Build 31 over top of my existing v1.70 installation. I was prompted to shutdown Windscribe to continue with the install. I did so to continue, and then got another prompt to OK the shutdown of the service. Then the install ran normally to completion.

    The install went without a hitch, the TAP adapter is still intact, and everything is working well.

    I even noticed that now after boot, all network traffic is blocked (firewalled) until Windscribe has completely started and connected successfully. With v1.70 I would see some network traffic connect first with my ISP address, then switch over to Windscribe after it had finished starting up and connecting.

    But now Windows networking seems locked down at the startup. Much better now! I guess I was leaking a little bit at boot time before, but I wasn't connecting to any websites. It was just Windows and my AV phoning home for updates, etc., so no big deal. But I like the improvement here!
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