Q&A Windscribe appears to bypass some paywalls ?


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Jun 6, 2017
I am using the paid version of Windscribe. I have turned on advertisement filtering (ROBERT).

I read an online newspaper which has both paid and free content. When I access paid-for articles using other VPN services I am faced with a paywall. It is not possible to read the article. Yet Windscribe seems to bypass this and it lets me read the article as if I was a subscriber.

I also look at a website which contains lots of beach webcams. Unless you are a paid subscriber the site forces you to watch an advertisement for 30 seconds and then limits you to 30 seconds webcam footage. However, with Windscribe there is no advertsement and the webcam footage is unlimitied. Its as if I am a paid subscriber. This doesn't work with my other VPN.

The combination that seems to work best for this is browsing through FireFox Focus on my iPad. Although the webcam site is also unlocked on my PC.

From a technical point of view, does anyone know what is going on here ? How does Windscribe achieve this ?
It might be the Windscribe ad-blocker, but on my PC I also have Adguard and Ublock Origin and they don't have this effect.

(PS- I don't think it's a deliberate feature they have built in- it just happens by accident).
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Jun 26, 2020

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