Review Windscribe - Free VPN and Ad Block - A demonstrative review.

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    Name of Software/Product:
    Windscribe - Free VPN and Ad Block
    It's there on their website + the comparison with all the VPNs they have done lists its advantages and how well thought this VPN is made.
    It is my favourite VPN so I won't be listing the advantages. Everytime mentioning those points and features that you may have heard and already know.
    I will concentrate more on weakness so that they improve.
    No portable desktop application (If a software has a desktop application, I always like it to be portable, too),
    Android app not easy to configure.
    Need more servers obviously, but I know they are getting there.
    Same can be said for speed. No matter how much fast, we always want more :P
    Bottom Line:
    Watch the video :)
    4 / 5 ✪
    4 / 5 ✪
    User Interface:
    4 / 5 ✪
    Low Usage
    Low Impact
    Overall Rating:
    Very Good - 4 / 5 ✪
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