Security News Wire-tapping Google Nest speakers to spy on owners (patched in 2021)


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Jan 8, 2011
A bug in Google Home smart speaker allowed installing a backdoor account that could be used to control it remotely and to turn it into a snooping device by accessing the microphone feed.

Researcher Matt Kunze discovered the issue and received $107,500 for responsibly reporting it to Google last year. Earlier this week, the researcher published technical details about the finding and an attack scenario to show how the flaw could be leveraged.
Kunze discovered the issues in January 2021 and sent additional details and PoCs in March 2021. Google fixed all problems in April 2021.

The patch includes a new invite-based system to handle account links, which blocks any attempts not added on Home.

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Google Home’s architecture is based on Chromecast. Chromecast doesn’t place much emphasis on security against proximity-based attacks because it’s mostly unnecessary. What’s the worst that could happen if someone hacks your Chromecast? Maybe they could play obscene videos? However, the Google Home is a much more security-critical device, due to the fact that it has control over your other smart home devices, and a microphone. If the Google Home architecture had been built from scratch, I imagine that these issues would have never existed.

Ever since the first Google Home device released in November 2016, Google continued to add more and more features to the device’s cloud APIs as time went on, like scheduled routines (July 2018) and the Local Home SDK (April 2020). I’m guessing that the engineers behind these features were under the assumption that the account linking process was secure.

Many other security researchers had already given the Google Home a look before me, but somehow it appears that none of them noticed these seemingly glaring issues. I guess they were mainly focused on the endpoints that the local API exposed and what an attacker could do with those.

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