Which Is Better?

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Make sure to install Wise Care 365 Pro and Gary Utilities Pro!
Then run herdProtection? Then let us know your answer? See
what the anti-virus vendor's have to say?;)

Make sure to reboot the PC after you install.
I used to have Advanced SystemCare and Auslogics Bootspeed. Auslogics destroyed my registry so no programs would open and the start menu wouldn't pop up. Disaster!
Most system maintenance tools do more harm than good. CCleaner is the safest to use.
Never buy these kind of tools they are just placebos.

Thanks. :D
I actually have access to free licenses for all these products except CCleaner.

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Never tried the first one, but Glary Utilies UI looks good :)


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Advance systemcare by far. excelent product, easy to use. the only thing i dont like is the malware cleaner, dont need it. for that we have hitman or malwarebytes.


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CCleaner rocks :)

About Glary Utilities:

I got promotion license from Malwaretips and I installed it.
Initially it looked good. Then it disabled Indexing in windows as well as in Microsoft Outlook. Now searching is is a pain in MS Outlook and also I keep getting error like "VBA is not valid plaugin bla bla ... ". Because of this my few tweaks in Outlook is now not working :(. because of it I had to reinstall MS office which was a pain.


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What I don't like about Glary is that his execution is strongly based on system where he resides. It caused so much problems for me that I wont install it again ever. It's optimizing / cleaning routine fails to be described with logic (this is only for v5, earlier ones worked just fine). It might be good for you, than again it might be hazardous... Russian roulette. When I start it is like someone whispers to my ear ' do you feel lucky ... punk!'
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