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    Click the link in site of promotion
    Click ''GET IT FOR FREE'' Green button
    If you have already account then type your email and password or must be sign up then login into,
    then Click ''COMPLETE CHECKOUT''
    Check your email
    Download link in your email and install it..


    Level 32
    -The application is already unlocked which means you do not need a registration code.
    -Lifetime license for version only
    -For use on a home computer only.
    -Updates to new versions are not available.
    -There is no free technical support.

    Download link inside the site


    Level 30
    Content Creator
    I advise against using its registry cleaner. It has minor issues with false positives, which means it will sometimes want to delete needed registry keys. Unless you are prepared to take the time to manually review the results and add any valid registry keys to the ignore list, then it is best not to use the registry cleaner.

    For the most part, you never need to clean the registry. Also, 99.9% of registry cleaners, including the registry cleaner in CCleaner and most registry cleaners that people recommend as being "safe" to use, will sometimes delete valid registry keys.

    Having said that, the System Cleaner and System Tuneup functions in Wise Care, are safe to use. If you miss out on the giveaway, Wise Disk Cleaner is free and cleans just as much junk.
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