Which one do you prefer?

  • Wise Care 365

    Votes: 32 71.1%
  • Glary Utilities

    Votes: 13 28.9%
  • Total voters
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Level 15
The problem for me with these and so many other tweakers is that they don't show you exactly what they are doing. That's why I prefer tweaking.com's utilities for those purposes, like the Advanced System Tweaker, that shows you exactly what will be done by each individual tweak.
I did test both tweaks, but I prefer Wise Care's actually because it's less involved, and the system default is really easy to bring back in one click on the bottom right. Nice subtle improvements.

Tweaking.com is more advanced and intimidates me so I only viewed the tweaks ;)

Everyone on malwaretips probably really looks after their PCs well being, and wouldn't need to tweak, but to add more memory, card, or buy better hardware.

Since I re-install Windows... I don't need any tweaks really. No regisrty cleaner anymore or anything besides Wise Care and CCleaner for junk deletings. :)


Level 24
Malware Hunter
I use both. WiseCare for badly maintained PC, something like those who haven't even used CCleaner for more than a year. Glary Pro for Driver Backups only.
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