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Wise Registry Cleaner is a system utility that can scan the Windows Registry and locate any incorrect or obsolete information.

After Wise Registry Cleaner analyzes your system for any problems, you can then individually view each item found and bring up a detailed description of the issue. If you want, you can also configure the application to correct these issues automatically.

Key features include:
Full Registry Backup/Restore.
Create System Restore Point.
Create undo data for each clean-up operation.
Check COM/ActiveX keys.
Check Application Path Keys.
Check Windows Fonts Keys.
Check Shared DLL Keys.
Check User MRU Lists.
Check Uninstall Entries.
Check File Extensions Keys.
Check IE URL History List Keys.
Check Windows Startup Items .
Check Image File Execution Options.
Overall, Wise Registry Cleaner scours the Windows Registry for invalid entries and junk that can slow your system down. It is easy to use, simple to navigate and the layout of the application design means that all the features you need are directly where you need them, including Registry Cleaner, System Tuneup, Registry Defrag, and Scheduler.

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Serious Noize

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Thanks! I was curious as to what the differences were between the Free version and the Pro versions. I got to looking around on Wisecleaners forums and someone had already asked that question.

The reply they got was that the biggest difference is that the Pro version supports multi-user cleaning, so if there are over 2 accounts in your computer, the Pro function is useful.

Not sure if there are any other differences but I would like to know if anyone knows of any.