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He has telling something about Adguard which I find very inappropriate :(
Here is a copy pasta what he is saying----------------
Oh, I remembered that I looked into who is behind AdGuard a while ago – there isn’t much information available on Performix LLC. Interestingly, there seems to be an entire network of companies involved. For example, there is InSoft LLC (a web hosting company apparently) which owns the AdGuard trademark and has the same CEO. The same guy is also the CEO of Management Networks LLC, a company that was founded by some TLC Center LTD. I couldn’t find any registration record for TLC Center LTD but it appears to be selling AdGuard licenses and doing nothing beyond that.

There is also the advertising company AD Shows LLC which is owned to 70% by the Performix CEO. The only activity of this company on the web appears to be signing some AdGuard builds.

I don’t know what all of this means, your guess is as good as mine. But I strongly suspect that some money laundering scheme is involved.
That's just Rubbish


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Hello everyone!

I must say I didn't read his blog post, but its author isn't actually a good person. Why? Because he tried to discreedit Gorhill's work :( In case you wouldn't know who he is, he is the developer of HTTP Switchboard and µBlock, two incredibly useful and powerful addons for Chromium-based Web browsers. He's worked hard on a filtering engine which has succeeded into providing much better results than ABP one, with more powerful ad & tracking blocking and faster processing. When Wladimir Palant saw his growing success, he didn't take him seriously. Indeed, one day Gorhill came to a forum and wanted to share some of his suggestions to enhance adblocking in general, especially for ABP, for which he's suggested some ways to improve it. But Wladimir didn't apply them, instead of this he's been rude with him...
ABP is a very bad addon, and its author seems not to be better :/