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So guys this is my setup, simple and straightforward. Eset and Malwarebytes play nice together once exclusions are set and are very light on my 3 PCs. I don't use ad-blockers as i don't like them for personal reasons. As an extra layer of security i activated 2 step authentication for my emails and important accounts.


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Hi, some suggestions that I have for you are to:
  • Do everything that Arequire said
  • Add some more second opinion scanners alongside HMP. I recommend Emsisoft Emergency Kit or Zemana Anti-Malware.
  • Add a content blocker like uBlock Origin or Adguard.
  • You might want to consider using CCleaner.
Thanks for sharing your config! (^‿^)


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Hello WolfensteinXeen. Thank you for sharing your configuration.

Linking devices is a convenient option indispensable for many, although I attempt leaving as small an identity footprint as possible. Changing your Micosoft account to a local one is a method I'd learned of here on MT to further protect personal privacy.
To switch to a "Local Account":
  1. Click on the Windows symbol
  2. Find, & <click> on your own Windows avatar (picture)
  3. Choose "Change Account Settings"
  4. Below your name/picture you may choose "Sign in with local account instead"
Here is an article with some "Pros & Cons":

The Pros and Cons of Using a Microsoft Account with Windows

I agree with S3cur1ty 3nthu5145t's suggestion while also respecting your statement 'not liking adblockers for personal reasons' which actually coincides with a recent choice to "unblock only" for the revenue generated through ads for the Pale Moon Project's browser site on the browser I'm using now. This may also be a point to consider for some when on trusted sites such as MalwareTips or perhaps ".org sites" many may wish to support.

For additional privacy, with your Chrome browser, you may go under settings >>> privacy >> and then check the box beside "Block third party cookies".

On the security side of prevention, a free software I've confidence sharing is called VoodooShield. Read more about it here:

Reading your setup, I was reminded I had logged on to Windows in order to download a game from the Microsoft Store and onto my wife's older computer. I had forgotten I was still logged in,o_O & just logged out now!:rolleyes::p

Sharing helps everyone.

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@Arequire @iapyx @S3cur1ty 3nthu5145t @Cats-4_Owners-2 @Exterminator @In2an3_PpG Thanks a lot for your suggestions and taking the time to answer me. I'll check out what suggested and ajust my settings if necessary. As for ad-blockers i'm not a fan of it. HTTPS Everywhere offers a good layer of protection but is kind of heavy. CCleaner is indeed a classic and i use it only from time to time if i really need to clean up the system. Emsisoft Emergency and VoodooShield are pretty solid product so i might add those ;-)

Thanks again guys, you're awesome ;)
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