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    May 17, 2015
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    Official Website:
    Hello, re: W8.1
    Q: does WSA add/change Windows Firewall rules. Should I disable (by WFC) the ability for WSA to add/change Windows Firewall rules.
    May, I run WFC companion to WSA.
    May, WSA alerts bump WFC notifications.
    May, WFC notifications bump WSA alerts.
    Thank you
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    On W8.1 the Webroot firewall doesn't work like it does on W7. You will only get Webroot Firewall alerts under specific infection conditions. What those specific infection condition are - I have no idea - because Webroot doesn't\won't fully explain.

    The WSA firewall controls do not work on W8.1 and W10. This has been true since W8.1 was introduced years ago - and Webroot never did anything about it. The WSA firewall controls only work on W7.

    Webroot stated they would be doing something about this, but no ETA - so it might be a long time before they come up with something.

    I'm not sure if Webroot modifies Windows' default firewall rules. It probably just adds rules for WSA itself.

    You can run WFC and WSA together. WFC is just a GUI for Windows Firewall.

    It is possible that you can get duplicate WSA and WFC firewall alerts.

    I used WSA with WFC at one time. They work OK together.
  3. bjm_

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    May 17, 2015
    Zestafoni, Georgia
    Windows 10
    Hello hjlbx,
    So, official Webroot Firewall descriptive content here and here do not apply to W8.1/10.
    Hmm, Webroot needs to update/clarify Webroot Firewall descriptive content.
    So, as Webroot Firewall (W8.1/10) alerts only for specific (known by Webroot) infection conditions.
    Then, no need to disable (by WFC) the ability for WSA to add/change Windows Firewall rules.
    Yes, I was wanting friendly functional, featured GUI for Windows Firewall (W8.1).
  4. hjlbx

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    Webroot states their firewall will alert when it detects untrusted traffic. In testing many malwares on W8.1 and 10, I have never seen a WSA firewall alert - not once.

    WSA does not allow the creation of exceptions in firewall on W8.1 and 10; the controls do not function. If you want tighter control, then it would be best to use WFC with WSA.
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