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XeroPass is a new browser extension, really useful and simply to use, it allows you to get rid of always remember passwords and credentials for all your online accounts!

Official description:

With millions of online accounts being hacked every day, it's time to put an end to the need to remember login names and passwords for dozens of websites and put XeroPass to work for you.

You'll never have to enter or remember an online password or login again, knowing that your authentication is fully encrypted and truly secure. It simply can't be hacked or stolen so there's nothing to remember and no secrets to keep.

Best of all, XeroPass meets the highest standards of secure authentication.

How does it work? Each time you navigate to a login webpage where you have an account, XeroPass will memorize your login information so you never have to enter that information again.

XeroPass integrates with other Vir2us secure computing solutions and has customizable plugins for business applications including secure authentication for banking, financial transactions and access to sensitive documents and information.

This extension is avalaible for Mozilla Firefox and Firefox-based browsers.

Thanks for reading! ;)
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