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Hi All,

Since its first experimental release for Windows in Jan 14, XDM has gone through a lot of changes/improvements.
The main goal of XDM was to combine the features of commercial download managers into a free open source application.
Current stable version is 4.7 build 127.

Please share your opinions and feedback to improve XDM further.

  • Download acceleration: increases download speed up-to 5-6 times using intelligent dynamic segmentation, connection reuse and compression.
  • Integration with ANY browser of ANY version: Advanced browser integration feature enables XDM to take over downloads from ANY browser or application.
  • Save streaming video from YouTube, Metacafe, Vimeo, Dailymotion and many other video sharing websites. XDM supports DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) for New YouTube and Dailymotion videos.
  • Resume downloads even if the download link is expired.
  • XDM supports every type of proxy including Windows ISA, with NTLM, Negitiate, Kerberos, Basic authentication, automatic proxy configuration scripts etc.
  • Batch download, clipboard monitoring, scheduler, download queue, auto shutdown, virus scan a lot of other features.
  • XDM is free, open source and available for Windows and Linux.
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Seeing as this is open source I will definitely give this a try. It looks very similar to IDM which is a very good thing.
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I have tested XDM & like it.
Plzz guys try, support & give your valuable feedback to develop, improve & enhance XDM.


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There are already already so many download managers are there, why bother with a new one?
Well consider the features that no other free download managers support:
1. Integration with ANY browser.
2. Save videos from ANY websites. (Including NEW YouTube and Dailymotion videos)
3. Works with Windows ISA, does not requires admin rights to install, best suited for corporate environment.
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Hi subhro:D Using your download manager;it really speeds up the download.......Only bug that I could think of is that your app starts when windows boots up,there is no option to turn it off in the settings............


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like what im seeing but couple of things/questions:
1.does IDM knows about this? :D
2.before i download and try this, will it remain open source in the future?
3.does it support 480p in youtube?

thank you


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I'm a newbie here.

Can this save live, streaming video? I used to use EagleGet integrated with Chrome, but it no longer records live video streams - at least not for me. It works for every fixed size file: flv, PDF, exe, etc., but not live stuff.

I've installed XDM 4.7.
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