The VPN industry has exploded over the past few years. Fuelled by a greater awareness of online security, a desire to watch geo-restricted content, and yes, piracy, more people are hiding their online identities than ever. But did you know that many VPN providers are owned by the same few companies?

A report from The Best VPN, shared exclusively with TNW, looks at five companies in particular — Avast, AnchorFree, StackPath, Gaditek and Kape Technologies. It found that over the past few years, these companies have acquired a total of 19 smaller players in the VPN space, including HideMyAss and CyberGhost VPN.
Source: TheNextWeb

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People, if provided by a VPN, can get access to their workplace data even if they are at home or are traveling. You can always fire up your VPN while using a public WiFi so that there are fewer chances of your data being harmed or stolen. Fortunately or unfortunately, VPN also allows you to download movies and videos from torrent without your name being in the inspection list. Anyhow, you should not do this as it is illegal.Provided that you have a VPN in your computer, you can get access to live videos, tv shows and videos are not available in your country.
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You don't need a VPN to access blocked content, as most ISP use DNS to block the content (which is extremely easy to bypass, by just changing the DNS).

People use VPNs due to privacy concerns, not illegal concerns. Those who do illegal stuff would never use a VPN, as they tend to ID tag you without your consent, they use proxies like TOR.


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im using ovpn.to for years now.
Its a vpn provider for advanced users with free usenet proxy, ssh proxies, tor nodes, open source client, free mail adress and no logging.
I dont like the big players at all.