New Update You might get 5 GB of free data from Edge’s built-in VPN


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Nov 14, 2016
  • Microsoft will offer 5 GB of free data on Edge's built-in VPN.
  • The Redmond tech giant offered 15 GB of free data in the past, but it didn't go well.
  • While it might seem like a step back, the 5 GB is permanent.
It seems that Edge’s built-in VPN could give 5 GB of free data in the future, according to this Windows enthusiast. A while ago, Microsoft offered 15 GB of data through Edge’s VPN. Unfortunately, it turned out to be temporary and part of a trial period.

However, this time the Redmond tech giant is giving 5 GB of free data that might be permanent. @Leopeva64 spotted it on the Settings page in Edge Canary, where the data is clearly mentioned as being free.

5 GB of free data seems like a substantial amount enough for Microsoft to keep a swift balance between offering free resources and managing the costs of it. Even more, Edge’s VPN can deliver a good browsing experience, while making sure the services are sustainable.

Microsoft has also removed the option to enable the VPN on all sites, and @Leopeva64 agrees this means the 5GB of free data will be permanent.

Edge’s built-in VPN. Is it worth it?​

You might ask yourself, if you should use Edge’s built-in VPN, and the answer is yes. You should.

Edge’s VPN encrypts your internet traffic, so it shields you from unwanted attention, and threats. For example, every time you connect your device to a public Wi-Fi network, you are very vulnerable to attacks. The VPN protects you from that.

Even more, with Edge’s built-in VPN, you can bypass region-restricted content and websites. It also prevents advertisers from tracking your activity. And the best thing is that this VPN comes as a built-in part, so it’s free.

Microsoft announced it a while ago, and it allowed Edge insiders to test up to 15GB of free monthly traffic. However, the limit was set to 1GB once the feature was available to all users.

With that being said, 5 GB is more than reasonable for free data, and this way Edge’s built-in VPN will take care of the users’ experience without compromising security. It’s a great deal.
Source: You might get 5 GB of free data from Edge's built-in VPN

Zero Knowledge

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Dec 2, 2016
Not worth for educated users on the Vpn scene. There are much better option in the market. But for ordinary people and users it might be useful. Grandma or Grandpa or Mum or Dad might find it useful when travelling or on the road or when working away from home and want to access geo-restricted content or use public Wi-Fi.

Zero Knowledge

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Dec 2, 2016
Will Edge keep a record of my searches totally private, or are they going to be logged somehow or somewhere?
LOL it's MS so they will collect, sell and share user data just like Google. Anyway, to monetarize data is the way of such companies. It's MS one of the biggest companies in the world who shove ads down your throat on the start menu and collect so much telemetry data they probably need 100 football fields of data centres to store the data for later use. I imagine like Google the authorities can request and receive search results from Bing and data from the Vpn which would have connected I.P address, location and search details on what you searched for and what links you clicked on and in the Vpn case data on what you used internet/service/software wise.

Good for educated or privacy users? No! But for older parents, professional or people on the road MS and Google are viable to use their Vpn service.

Jonny Quest

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Mar 2, 2023
Still, a wonderful post on your part, as you filled in the gap for those whose first knee-jerk response is, "oh, that's fantastic, free VPN from Edge/Microsoft", without considering what they would be giving up privacy-wise compared to a true VPN provider like Mullvad etc.
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Oct 23, 2014
Windscribe already offers 10GB for free. And you can even extend that more with coupon codes.

It’s also a desktop application so it works in more than just the browser.

So not much of a reason to use Edge’s, at least from what I understand so far.

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