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Is telemetry really that "evil" for everyone here?
Yes. A product like Ccleaner doesn't need any outbound connections to function except from updates for the software itself. It could do the same job perfectly without the telemetry.
At least an option to opt-out should be given in my opinion.
And yes as a windows user I am against the telemetry of windows itself too, but linux is no option for me (incompatible software etc.)


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I've seen ZA kill CCleaner's numerous attempts to connect even when I opt CCleaner to not update...CC will make about 6 attempts to connect (according to ZA)...all attempts fail. After reading this...whew! Im always at that fork in the road about freeware. Bringing it to my system, scanning it with user trusting scanners...then along come Comodo. I set the FW rulings for CClnr and run the app within the sandbox, CClnr works as advertised....Comodo logs its failed attempts to connect out. Thats the best I can judge by, since anyone here knows windows 81's disk cleanup means a weekend at the beach while it does its ...uh...cleanup.


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Is telemetry really that "evil" for everyone here?
It's not just about telemetry.There is the issue of trust.You don't expect your antivirus or security product to have such behaviors. It's supposed to protect you from trojans and malwares and not act like one of them.

You want some anonymous stats, at least have the minimun of fairplay. Limit the amount of features, but give people the choice to disable what they want. Then as a paid user you may do whatever you want.

Those sneaky moves from Avast, to trick users for data mining are not good.


Avast uses the "freeware model" to generate sales. As a part of that model, there is data collection and other annoyances - like nag screens.

I've used CCleaner for a long time and never though of dropping it until the last month. The addition of the summer sale nag pop-up is a huge no-no in my book. And the recent shoddy changes have caused performance problems.

There is no way a product of Avast will ever reach my computer. They have been accused for telemetry in the past and now they are not ashamed to prove it further. First they killed AVG and now Piriform.
Most other parties that use trials and the "freeware-bait model" also use telemetry. Some collect a lot more data than Avast.
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I understand that people are unhappy with the way CCleaner evolves under Avast. I also have my doubts but haven't found a suitable replacement yet. Maybe it's good news that the people form Piriform/Avast are well aware of the concerns and say they will fix it in the next version: Piriform Personal Security Concern with CCleaner Latest v. 5.45.6611

So maybe I'm foolish to hope for the best :unsure:
Avast isn't going to fix what security soft geeks find objectionable. When will people ever learn that what is said on the security forums - the complaints, the criticisms, etc - they have virtually no influence or effect in the end.

Avast is only going to do what it knows will work in creating and increasing sales revenue. Generally, fixing stuff that security soft geeks complain about does not increase sales.


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Even the portable version is connecting to the internet according to Comodo Firewall.
Removed it and went with Privacy Eraser. No connection to the internet. I can keep some cookies.
Will see if it's a keeper.
I’m sure you’ve used Wise Disk Cleaner before I ever heard of it, and I vaguely remember there might have been something about it you didn’t like - but you are able to exclude cookies. It took me a while to find settings due to operator error, but I’ve been pretty satisfied with it. Just FYI. :giggle:


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When there are better alternatives available why habitually cling on to Ccleaner ? Move on people.
When you add the Enhancer program, CCleaner is pretty impressive. And its cookie manager is exceptional. I like the easy interface for removing old System Restore points too.

Even the portable version is connecting to the internet
Well, that can be remedied with a firewall, can it not?

I had already made the decision to go portable with CCleaner, on LiberKey, in fact. Does the portable CCleaner want to run all the time as people have described? (However, I think I could stop that with the configuration I have in place.)

And if worse comes to worse, what is the last version of CCleaner without the obnoxious features?
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Telemetry opt-out is not really happening :eek:

B. Choice
You can make certain choices about how your data is used by us. For example, if you have purchased a product or service from us, you will be able to choose how data collected from you is used. This choice is made in the relevant product settings. Please note, if you purchased a product from us and in your product settings you do not see one or more of these choices, it means your collected data is not being used in that particular category. The choices are:
  • Cross-product direct marketing: – when we offer you another product from a company within our group.
  • Cross-product development – when we collect data from one product and use it for the development of another product.
  • Third Party Ads – when we offer any third-party products.
  • Third party analytics – when we share your data with a third party for analytics, such as purchase optimization, crash reporting, and trend analytics. Note, all free users and paid customers can choose to turn off this feature - What Happens to Your Data

Reading their policy about privacy I spotted the real first problem, they doesn't respect what they said, and in particular here:

This choice is made in the relevant product settings.

Even if the choice is made, DNS request still go out to analytics :p

That is their only problem, I see the analytics are sended out only when user interact with the GUI, so on that point they are right,

They should fix that...
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I don't care about data collection. What annoys me are pop-up sales ads.


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Haha! Note how they don't mention and put the name Avast! ;) A few months before they were bragging about the fact they acquired CCleaner.

Anyway it's a good move. But on the other side, they knew perfectly what they were doing.
Agreed it's a very good move by Avast. Especially this age where data is seen as the new oil.