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I'm still using the 'CCleaner Pro' version. The 'Privacy' tab was reduced to two options after the last update, what I find incredulous is that un-checking both boxes on 'Privacy' tab is that randomly (tonight for example) both boxes are now checked & 'Active Monitoring' always re-checks within minutes regardless of what I do, like just now. Either it's a colossal bug or Avast thinks we are idiots. I don't thing I'm losing the plot either?

Going to submit a ticket regarding this while still under licence. I have reinstalled & it's still the same. I bought last week at a very low price 'Privacy Eraser Pro'. Although I find as been mentioned in the past this leaves according to 'CCleaner' cookies behind despite the correct options being ticked. Anyone else had this issue? And are there other programs that do a good clean that take into account Chromes changes for example, I have used BleachBit but it does seem a bit behind - Paul


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Step in the right direction!

Also from Engadget:
"This shouldn't have been an afterthought."
Their priorities are not in the right direction.

I've not used CCleaner in 12 months, not due to the malware-incident or the privacy-issues, it's the fact the software is crap. Mediocre at best. The more people that realise this, the better. As for Avast, they're just further pushing CCleaner into the ground.

If you want to continue supporting Piriform, you're also supporting Avast's recent bad practices.