You Tube Team sent you a video? It is a scary phishing scam


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Apr 24, 2016
Users from all over the world are receiving seemingly legitimate emails from YouTube these days, that turn out to be scams on careful inspection. The emails, which look legitimate on first glance, claim to share a video with users by the YouTube team that informs them about changes to rules and policies.

The email address checks out at legitimate, as it is, and it may be difficult for users to determine whether the email is legitimate or fake.

Careful users may notice some oddities in the email, like You Tube Team or YouTubeTeam, instead of the YouTube Team name, which Google would be using. While there is indeed a link to a video, there is also the description of the video attached, which includes a link to a password protected document on Google Drive. There is also a warning that users have just a few days to open the document.

The channel name has a link to YouTube, and there is a chance that it has been terminated already due to violations of YouTube policies regarding impersonation. It is possible that other channels may still be up, and they likely show some legitimate videos by YouTube to make them look legitimate. The videos are set to private, and can't be opened.

YouTube's official Twitter account has warned users about this new phishing campaign that is targeting YouTube users specifically.

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