You will finally be able to set a preferred download location for Teams files soon


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Aug 17, 2014
As can be seen the Microsoft 365 Roadmap here, the company has recently added a new entry with Feature ID 94719, which indicates that customers will soon be able to set their preferred download location for Teams files.

As the situation currently stands, Teams files are downloaded to the operating system's Downloads folder by default in the desktop client. However, following this update, those using the desktop client on Windows and Mac should be able to choose any directory as the preferred download location.

So, users could even set up a dedicated "Teams Downloads" folders to keep their important files isolated from all the regular downloads.

However, this change will only apply to the Teams desktop app on Windows and Mac. The web version of the software will continue to respect the download location you have configured for your browser.

Although the Microsoft 365 Roadmap says that this feature will hit general availability in May, that seems a bit unlikely now considering that the month is almost at an end. That's alright though, the time frames assigned on the roadmap are tentative anyway. At least we know that Teams customers will get this capability sooner rather than later.