Your Avast Hardened Mode Experience

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Hey Friends,

Please mention your Avast Hardened Mode Experience -

1. Hardened Mode - Aggressive or Moderate?
2. Ever blocked Windows Updates files or System files?
3. Mention blocked Programs/Upgrades/Updates (Mention Programs name)
4. Malware bypassed Hardened Mode on your system?

Thank You
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Feb 14, 2016
Would chose aggresive. it use a cloud whitelist. moderate just blocks all unknown if im not wrong.
Never had blocked windows updates etc and used it 3 month. almost all well known progams are whitelisted but programs that are not well known get always blocked- not for novice users and abit annoying sometimes. had no exe bypass but some jr fiels and scripts could easy bypass hardern mode. but u have still the realtimeshield thats realy, realy good theses days.


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Jul 28, 2014
1. I used Hardened mode on Moderate
2. Never run into any issues with it blocking windows updates
3. So far never run into any issues where I have to specifically allow the file to run due to low reputation.
Update (literally less than an hour of typing the original post): tried to run DNSCrypt and got blocked by Avast Hardened mode.
4. Not that I know of, however during malware testing I notice that because some malware are scripts or docs, they do not go through hardened mode but the payload of the scripts do and therefore are blocked by hardened mode.

One thing I think can be improved is a submission portal to send safe files to, so that they can be put on the "clean" list of reputable software sooner instead of waiting for avast to clear it themselves or adding as an exception to it. Personally I find that if you are adding exceptions to it, you might accidentally allow malware through, whereas if avast clears it for you you can be sure that the file you are running is not malicious.
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