Your Gaming PC will now cost more; 25% tax on GPUs


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Jan 8, 2011
“Don’t Build a High-End Gaming PC Right Now,” Tom’s Hardware declared in November. “This Is a Bad Time to Build a High-End Gaming PC,” ExtremeTech echoed last month. But it’s looking like the worst time to build a new gaming rig is still to come. That’s because a perfect storm is pushing the price of components like must-have Nvidia or AMD graphics cards even further skyward.

The Trump administration is now imposing a 25 percent tax on graphics cards imported from China, and at least one PC component manufacturer has announced it’ll pass along part of that cost to consumers.

We’ve known for two years that PC components were being swept up in Trump’s trade war on China. In 2018, GamersNexus, in particular, explained in depth how PC parts might see a price increase between 10 and 25 percent due to the categories the Trump administration tried to tax.
Source: A Trump tax means you’ll pay even more for Nvidia and AMD’s impossible-to-find graphics cards

ASUS has officially announced it will increase pricing for its graphics cards and motherboards effective immediately. The pricing has been adjusted due to the increased cost of components, logistics, and operations. ASUS Marketing Manager claims that the manufacturer has worked closely with partners to minimize the increase, apparently, that was not enough.
Source: ASUS officially increases graphics cards and motherboards pricing -

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Sep 26, 2017
Good, they are so cheap....
Jesus they have no notion of the salaries in some countries, a middle range PC in Portugal is more than I earn in a month.
You can blame both USA and Trump, is just another consequence of ridiculous actions, another one for the history books as if COVID wasn't enough to kill economy.

Honestly most OEMs should leave USA and let them burn alone, much like companies did in UK when they left EU.

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