Do you use Your Phone app on Windows 10?

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  • It needs more features (ie. Quick reply)

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  • Microsoft's Your Phone app for Windows 10 can now mirror your Android notifications.
  • You'll be able to view and manage notifications as they come in, without picking up your phone.
  • The feature is rolling out broadly for all Your Phone users now.
In order for the feature to work, you'll want to make sure you're using the Windows 10 April 2018 update or later. You'll also need to be running Your Phone version 1.19052.657.0 or later. Your Phone director of program management Vishnu Nath stated on Twitter that the rollout has currently reached about 50 percent of PCs, but it should be completed within a week.

It's worth noting that notifications don't yet support quick replies, but that should be coming soon.
via Microsoft's Your Phone app can now manage Android notifications on your PC