SECURITY: Complete Yuan Security Configuration 2020

Last updated
Nov 4, 2020
About PC
This is my primary device
Operating system
Windows 10
with
Microsoft account
Login security
    • Password (Aa-Zz, 0-9, Symbols)
Security updates
Automatic - allow all types of updates
Windows UAC
Maximum - always notify
Malware samples
No - malware is not downloaded
Software firewall
Microsoft Defender Firewall
Real-time protection
  • Edge Chromium Smart Screen
  • Microsoft Windows Defender
RTP & OS hardening settings
  • ConfigureDefender High Settings
Periodic scanners
[*]Malwarebytes Free
[*]ESET Online Scanner
Microsoft Edge:
  • LastPass: Password Manager
  • uBlock Origin

Brave Browser:
  • LastPass: Password Manager
  • uBlock Origin
  • Tampermonkey
Optimization & maintenance
  • Wise Care 365 Pro
  • HiBitUninstaller (Portable)
  • Windows Repair Toolbox
  • PatchMyPC
  • SUMo
Personal Files & Photos backup
  • Google Drive
Personal backup routine
Automatic (scheduled)
Device recovery & backup
  • AOMEI Backupper 6.1.0 Pro
Device backup routine
Computer specs
  • Optiplex 7010
  • Intel Core i5 3470 @ 3.20GHz
  • 16 GB RAM DDR3
  • 1 HDD 500GB
  • 1 HDD 300GB
  • 1 External HDD 2 TB
Main activity usage
  1. Generic web browsing
  2. Downloading files from unfamiliar sites
  3. Streaming audio and video content from the Internet
Your changelog
21 August - Configured UAC to Always notify
04 November:
  • ESET Online Scanner
  • LastPass: Password Manager
  • ConfigureDefender
  • uBlock Origin
  • PatchMyPC
  • Nano Adblocker
  • Nano Defender
  • Bitwarden
  • Bitdefender TrafficLight


Level 11
Oct 9, 2014
Updated settings:

Windows 10 20H2
  • ESET Online Scanner Added
  • NextDNS Added
  • Replaced: Bitwarden with LastPass: Password Manager
  • ConfigureDefender (High Settings) Added
  • uBlock Origin Added
  • PatchMyPC Added
  • Nano Adblocker / Nano Defender
  • Bitdefender TrafficLight
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Level 11
Oct 9, 2014
Yes, this was a very prudent move. :cautious:(y)

Are you considering to add an SSD by any chance? Just wondering.
thanks for the advice! Yep it's my next step, a SSD should improve my PC and how to run my Apps :D

Why did you replace Bitwarden with Lastpass?
i'm testing it and for now is a great app. Bitwarden is great as well

Nice no frills config. As mentioned, try to look into a SSD. It will make your browsing experience so different AKA faster..
Thanks for sharing. :)
Yes, i'm planning get one only for the O.S. Thank you for the advice mate ;)