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New security key hardware from Yubico provides support for different authentication protocols and can be used to enable a "password-less" security model.

Yubico announced its 5 Series security keys on Sept. 24, providing organizations with enhanced hardware to improve authentication security.

Yubico develops a hardware-based authentication device known as the YubiKey, which provides support for different authentication protocols. Organizations can use YubiKeys to enable different types of multifactor authentication and password-less authentication approaches.

"Our new YubiKey 5 Series is comprised of four different form factors and are multiprotocol security keys," Jerrod Chong, senior vice president of product at Yubico, told eWEEK.

While YubiKeys have typically been considered for use as part of an MFA approach, they can also be used for single-factor authentication, requiring no username or password to log in to a supported service (password-less).

"FIDO2 is the first open authentication protocol that can take tap-and-go authentication to the masses. Many existing tap-and-go solutions are proprietary and based on weak static credentials," Chong said. "Strong single-factor authentication using public key cryptography sets a new bar for quick and easy authentication with significantly higher security, deployability and productivity."