Advanced Plus Security ZeePriest's 2022 security configuration.

Last updated
Jul 4, 2022
Use case
For personal use
Shared with
No one
Desktop OS
Windows 10
Windows OS SKU
Login Unlock
    • Passwordless PIN or Biometrics
with
Microsoft account
Primary user
Administrator rights - Full permissions that can perform harmful changes
OS updates
Automatic updates
Windows UAC
Always notify
Network firewall
Third-party router [Mod: depreciated - please choose another option]
Always-on protection
Kaspersky security cloud
Firewall (user-choice). See details below.
Custom RT/Firewall security
No custom configurations needed.
Malware testing
No malware samples
Periodic scanning
Hitman pro
Secure DNS
Password manager
Firefox built-in password manager
Browsers and Extensions
Firefox, Kaspersky protection extension, adguard
Utilities for Maintenance
Ashampoo WinOptimizer
Files & Photos backup
Extrenal hdd, google drive.
Files & Photos backup routine
Emergency recovery plan
Macrium Reflect.
Integrity of recovery plan
Tasks performed
    • Browsing the web
    • Receiving, sending and opening email attachments
    • Buying goods from online stores, entering card details and addresses
    • Downloading software from reputable sites
    • Watching movies and TV series via subscriptions
Feedback response

I am mostly satisfied. Minimal feedback is appreciated, for minor changes to patch any missed security / privacy issues.


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Malware Hunter
Apr 28, 2015
Which setup in Windows UAC?

Some additional 3rd party on demand scanner would be welcome.

Personal Files & Photos backup -> You may also use a cloud service.

Device recovery & backup -> Windows recovery and backup tools: System Restore or the full back image system?


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Malware Tester
Sep 2, 2021
Several points are not good:

- You should let Windows automatically check for security updates. These updates are important because they contribute to your security by closing known security holes that are exploited by hackers.

- Switch your UAC to Always Notify

- Use other scanning software. You have Kaspersky, but an Antivirus is and will NEVER be an infallible shield !
Use Malwarebytes or Eset Online scanner or Emsisoft Emergency Kit for that. Do a scan once a month with this tool.

- DNS secure is very useful. ISP DNS are not always very secure and are often very slow. Some ISPs also use them to collect information about the sites you visit.
I recommend NextDNS which will filter ads, trackers and help protect you online.
If you are using ROBERT on Windscribe, I recommend Cloudflare DNS which is much faster than your ISP.