Which is the better 2nd Opinion Scanner in your opinion?

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DJ Panda

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How much has Zemana improved since adding other AV engines as well as HitmanPro.Alert's
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I have not used HMP.Alert so I thought it was just a new version of HMP. My mistake here.

From past experience, HMP always worked fine for me for opinion only, but I would only remove manually if MBAM/EEK would fail.

I have heard a lot of good things about ZAM after they were not a "mirror" of HMP, but I also read a lot in regards to FPs.

I have not used much on ZAM to comment so I cannot advise much and will definitely test HMP.Alert further.

Voted none.


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I am abig fan of HitMan Pro for which I have not had any false positives using it so far. HMP has cleaned up alot of computers that I have worked on. I use HMP with another AV. So I'm pretty covered I think. HitMan Pro has a very easy user GUI and I think it's pretty fast...I like that it works from the cloud and stays up-to-date. I haven't had any problems with performance.

I've never used Zemana so I can't say.
I would like to try Zemana though...
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I have been using both for some time now and can't pick a winner. HitmanPro has only detected some cookies during scans and Zemana has never detected anything on either of my 2 PC's, neither has any system impact to speak of, so I guess I won't know til I get hit with some malware , but it's been quite some time since that has happened. :)


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For better and more accurate detection to be compare of, then Zemana AM is way to go.

But for removal features that can handle much nasty threats then its HMP. Although I've never tested HMA but for sure the mitigation techniques are worth convincing to have it.


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This is a hard one because with Hitman, you get two things in one. A scanner (on demand only as far as I know) and an all in one program that can block exploits, etc. ZAM on the other hand has more engines, real time, and behavioral blocking.

If it was Hitman Pro vs ZAM, I'd say ZAM but it's not. Since I only use ZAM for on demand and not real time (as I use SecureAPlus), it's not a negative in HMP's case to not have real time scanning. With that said, I'd have to go with HMP + HMP.A. I can use the features I want from Zemana for free anyway which is on demand scanning. I'm a big fan of Zemana but I always vote and comment in the most unbiased way possible.


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Zemana AntiMalware is better detection rate, quicker scan the system also its free for threats removal.

HMP and HMP.A is good to use too. HMP and Zemana is needed in a system.

But the question is "which is the better". So I'd choose Zemana AntiMalware


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my voice to the Zemana Anti-Malware has a good detection simple operation.
HMP and HMP.A are also good I have used both, but I gave them to the Zemana because I wanted to test it, and so far I was with him.
It is good and there is n and no hassles.
It Zemana test and then decide.


If it were me, I use both, wait, I do.. I have seen Hitman pro miss things Zemana finds, and seen Zemana find things it failed to remove that Hitman could. As far as Alert goes, use it and have zemana as a on demand only, and you would be pretty well covered either way. The free version of Zemana is strictly on demand. No more dilemma ;)