Zemana AntiLogger Premium or SpyShelter Premium?

  • Zemana AntiLogger Premium

    Votes: 25 64.1%
  • SpyShelter Premium

    Votes: 14 35.9%
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They are both very good, head and shoulders above the others, but in tests and comparisons I've seen SpyShelter came out a little bit ahead. In terms of the free versions, however, Zemana is definitely better than SpyShelter.


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Despite limitations of products in windows 10 I encourage further discussion on such products for windows 7 and 8.1 32 and 64 bit so guests and community can benefit from valuable information therefore please discuss further taking my above points into consideration.



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Now the game has been changed and Zemana AntiLogger is came back. Which one will give us much better protection? Thank you


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A lot better is SpyShelter
Have HIPS and addional SRP option which dont have Zemana.

I would go SpyShelter but i offer you buy extended SpyShelter with Firewall :)
I use both Zemana and SpyShelter FW


  • SpyShelter has HIPS which will block the execution of a keylogger installer; the HIPS will keep your system keylogger-free.
  • Zemana doesn't support 64-bit systems.
  • Anti-keylogging protection itself only works (prevents) in the presence of an actual keylog infection on the physical system... wish people would understand this fact. At that point it already too-little-too-late...
  • Neither SpyShelter nor Zemana protect against all forms of keylogging - such as web-page based keylogging - which is only a single example of what they cannot block. They probably will not be able to protect against malicious keylogging browser add-ons\extensions as a second example.
  • Anti-keylogging protections are notoriously un-reliable.
SpyShelter is valuable protection for its HIPS - and not its anti-logger capabilities...
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I don't even think it's close. SpyShelter by far. I have ran several different logging tests at Zemana, and it failed with flying colors, where as SpyShelterFW has passed them all along with several leak tests. I know Comodo CLT now a days is somewhat obsolete, but I consistently scored 340/340. It's hard to trust a security software that fails publicly accessible testing tools like Zemana does. How do you think it will perform against more sophisticated spyware.