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There are quite a few questions repeating every once in a while, so I decided to create this topic as Zemana AntiMalware/AntiLogger FAQ. It will be updated as soon as something new is relevant.

If you have any problem with Zemana software, please contact us using this link:

Zemana Support Center

1. Does Zemana AntiMalware works on all Windows systems?

- Yes, it supports Windows XP and newer, both 32-bit and 64-bit architecture.​

2. Which engines Zemana AntiMalware uses?

- Sorry, we cannot reveal this information.​

3. Zemana uses high ammount of RAM memory.

- This is not a bug and it is different for every user. Zemana uses cloud scanner and it stores its database in RAM memory for faster scanning. It usually isn't more than a 100mb, but if you see 300-400mb then it is most likely a running scheduled scan taking the memory.​

4. Zemana scan is taking a long time to finish.

- Fast scanning and cleanup is what makes Zemana unique among its competition. With every update we make the primary focus is on keeping the scan fast. However the scanning time depends on your hardware, number of files on your system and your internet speed. It can easily go over 20 minutes with an old hard drive and old processor.​

5. You are unable to activate your previously working license.

- Please contact Zemana support via:

6. I believe Zemana AntiMalware detected clean file. How do I report this?

  • Detection that happened during real-time protection. It usually looks like this:

Two things can be done. In both of them we would appreciate your feedback via Send Feedback form. This way, you can help us narrow the possibility of False detection in the future. If you are absolutely sure that it is a False detection, you can restore this file from quarantine.

If you're not sure and would like to report this to us, then you can click Send Feedback button. Enter your short message and we will respond to you vie email.

  • Detection that happened during Custom or Scheduled scan. It might look like this:

You can use Send Feedback form explained above in this case too. If you're not sure, for your own safety it is recommended to quarantine this file and contact us so we can resolve this.​
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