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Zemana AntiMalware Premium
Number of licenses
10 (ten). Each license is available for 1 Year/1 PC


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Zemana AntiMalware Premium Giveaway
Starts on June 5. and ends on July 5. 2016.

We would like to thank Zemana for providing us with 10 (ten) 1Year/1PC license keys for Zemana AntiMalware Premium to give away to our awesome members!


Clean your computer in minutes, no matter how badly infected!

Simple one-click rescue for your computer, no matter how badly infected!
Removes unwanted apps, annoying toolbars or browser add-ons
Rapidly neutralizes Viruses, Trojans, Rootkits, Worms, Spyware, and Adware!
Works with your existing security software without conflict!
All done in about 5 minutes!

Designed to improve your security

Zemana AntiMalware is a second opinion malware scanner designed to rescue your computer from malware that have infected your computer despite all the security measures you have taken.

Fast, efficient scanning and malware removal

Zemana AntiMalware rescues your computer even when other security software has let you down.

There’s no need to tinker with confusing settings—with years of experience built-in, it just works “out of the box”. All you have to do is download and run AntiMalware… then sit back for about few minutes while it scans your machine and eliminates all potential threats.

AntiMalware is highly optimized and lightweight with virus definitions stored in the cloud, not cluttering up your drive.

1. Once you’ve downloaded Zemana AntiMalware, you can start a scan.

2. Zemana AntiMalware does not store virus definitions on your PC. Instead, when our software finds a suspicious file, it passes the fingerprint to the Scan Cloud. Milliseconds later, the Scan Cloud marks the file as safe or malicious, or else asks AntiMalware to upload it for further examination.

3. Zemana AntiMalware rapidly sets about removing any confirmed malicious software.

Money Back Guarantee

If within the first 14 days, Zemana AntiMalware doesn’t succeed in cleaning your PC from infections, we will return your money.


What's New

All major and minor updates will be included in our RSS release notes feed

NOTE: Latest versions are are not shared via automatic updates immediately. Usually automatic updates are scheduled with a week , but always you can get the latest version manually from here , for portable version here.

In order to download the latest beta version, you can use your registered email here.
Last Version
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Download Zemana Antimalware Portable

Supported Operating Systems

Want to find out more?
Click here to download our Zemana AntiMalware brochure.


How to enter this giveaway?

To enter this giveaway you will have to :
  1. Be a registered member of MalwareTips Forum
  2. Post your Introduction and Security Configuration in your reply
  3. Like/Follow MalwareTips and Zemana on our Social Media
  4. Share this news on your Facebook or Twitter or Google+ Profile and post that link in your reply
1. If you are not a member of MalwareTips Forums, Signing Up takes only 2 minutes

2. Posting your Member Introduction and Security Configuration is the first 2 things you should do after you register. Introduce yourself to the community and share your security configuration with us. Share the links of your introduction and your security configuration in your reply.

3. Give a Like/Follow MalwareTips & Zemana on our Social Media Network Profiles


4. Share this news on your Social Media Profile so others can enjoy the giveaway too!

Make sure you follow MalwareTips and Zemana on Twitter
Tweet this :​
Join the @MalwareTipscom  #Zemana AntiMalware Premium Giveaway at >
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Post direct link of your share in your reply

Give a like to MalwareTips and Zemana pages
Post this on your wall :​
Join the @MalwareTipscom  #Zemana AntiMalware Premium Giveaway at >
Make sure everyone can see it

Post direct link/url of your share in your reply

How to get direct link of your Facebook post (share)
1. Log in to your Facebook Account
2. Copy the code asked in the first post of the giveaway thread
3. Paste the code on your wall on your Facebook Profile Page and click "Post"
4. Make sure that your post is available to be seen publicly
5. Click on the timestamp of your post to get the direct link
6. Copy the direct link from your browser's address bar (URL)
7. Paste it in your reply (participation) among other requirements as your Introduction and Security Configuration


Proper reply (participation) on MalwareTips Official Giveaways needs to contain :
  • the direct link to your introduction on MalwareTips
  • the direct link to your security configuration on MalwareTips
  • the direct link of your share on Social Media
Those replies that are missing one of these 3 links will not enter the draw!

Example of how a proper reply should look like :

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Giveaway Rules and Final Details

Zemana AntiMalware Premium Giveaway starts on June 5. and ends on July 5. 2016.
  • 10 lucky winners will be randomly selected using RANDOM.ORG on July 5. 2016.
  • Winners must reply to the winning PM within 5 days or a new winner will be selected from the posted list. Winners will be notified by private message (PM)
  • You are allowed to participate with one post and one account/IP address. Having multiple accounts on our forum is against our rules and will disqualify you.
  • One post per member, posting multiple times inside the thread is not allowed.
  • Discussing about the product which is on promo on MalwareTips Official Giveaways is not allowed. Replies should be posted only by the members who want to participate, other posts and replies that doesn't meet proper participation will be deleted.
  • Members that are using VPN Services or Applications, programs that hides/changes your real IP address are asked to temporarily turn it off when posting a reply (participating) in the specific giveaway. If we detect that post is posted from VPN Service, Proxy Server, Suspected Proxy Server, Known Proxy Sharing Device, Tor Network etc. specific post will be deleted and member who posted it will be disqualified from current and all future MalwareTips Giveaways!
  • Any member that wins a giveaway and tries to run a personal giveaway with a winning license or try to sell the winning license will be PERMANENTLY banned from all future Exclusive MT Giveaways.
  • Members who didn't fill all the asked requirements, or broke any of these rules will not enter the draw. Take these rules seriously as breaking some of them may result banning from all MalwareTips Giveaways and if repeated may result banning from the MalwareTips completely.
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